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Personal Injury FAQs


What should I do immediately after an accident?

First, ensure your safety and seek medical attention. Then, gather evidence, such as photos and witness information, and contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.


How long do I have to file a personal injury claim?

The statute of limitations for personal injury claims varies by state. In most cases, you have between one and three years from the date of the injury to file a claim.


What types of compensation can I receive?

You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages related to your injury.


Do I need a lawyer for my personal injury case?

While you can handle a claim on your own, having an experienced personal injury attorney increases your chances of receiving fair compensation and navigating legal complexities.


How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you win your case. The fee is typically a percentage of the settlement or award.


What if the insurance company offers me a settlement?

Before accepting any settlement offer, consult with a personal injury attorney to ensure the amount is fair and covers all your damages.


Can I still file a claim if I was partially at fault?

Yes, you may still be able to file a claim. The amount of compensation you receive may be reduced based on your percentage of fault.


What should I bring to my initial consultation?

Bring any relevant documents, such as medical records, accident reports, and correspondence with insurance companies. This will help the attorney evaluate your case.


How long will my personal injury case take?

The duration of a personal injury case varies. It can take a few months to a few years, depending on the complexity of the case and whether it goes to trial.

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